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Insurance Library

What is it?

Conversion tracking method using a file sent to MediaAlpha on an automated, regular schedule. This method is typically used when pixels are not accurate, the advertiser is unable to support a server to server API call, or a meaningful amount of conversion events occur offline.


  • File contains MediaAlpha Unique Identifier

    • {token}
  • File may include up to 9 Conversion events called “Pixels”

    • Conversion values optional (ex: revenue)
  • File sent to email address on an automated, daily basis

  • Naming must be consistent

  • File columns and contents must be static

Single and Multiple Conversion Events

The file import can be configured to count multiple or single (preferred) conversion events (per pixel) per lead, click or call. If conversion events are different types of conversions (e.g. bind vs. quote), track those distinct conversion types through separate pixels.

The pixel counting modes available are:

  • Unique: Each pixel counts a maximum of 1 conversion event per click, call or lead (per {token})
  • Additive: Pixel conversion count is updated with a new cumulative total when a file shows a conversion for a {token}

File Data Format

  • Rolling: File contains all events for a trailing x number of days. Only use this with unique or additive pixel counting modes.
  • Rolling days should be at least as long as the sales cycle to capture as many conversions as possible.
  • Incremental: File contains only new events not reported prior. Can be used with both unique and additive modes.