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Why insure your home?

Purchasing a home is most likely the largest purchase you will make in your life, so protect it by having good insurance that covers the costs of repair or replacement of your home against fire, theft, and other natural disasters.

Best ways to save

Start by asking about "multi-policy discounts" with your auto insurance company, as many times you can get an excellent rate by combining multiple policies into one. You can also decrease monthly payments by adding an alarm system or by making modern improvements to your home.

Home Insurance Facts

In the US, most people purchase a new home by getting a mortgage, and in order for the bank to protect their investment, the lender will require that the buyer purchase homeowners insurance. The standard policy includes four different coverages; structure, personal belongings, liability and additional living expenses.
Structure coverage pays to repair or rebuild your home if it has sustained damages from a fire, hurricane, hail or any other natural disaster listed in your policy. It is important to know what coverage your policy has, as structure coverage will not pay for damages caused by a flood, earthquake or normal wear and tear. In addition, personal belongings will cover electronics, clothes, and even furniture.
In the event your home has been deemed a total loss and considered unlivable, the additional living expense coverage would help pay for alternative housing while you decide the next steps. Also consider personal liability coverage, which protects you against losses to others when you are a fault and helps pay for your defense and damages incurred by the victim.

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