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LA Auto Insurance

With nearly 24 million drivers in California, LA auto insurance drivers account for nearly 20% of those drivers. This doesn’t include drivers from surrounding areas that commute daily throughout LA. With millions of drivers in the city, LA auto insurance is not only required, it’s smart.

California requires its drivers to maintain financial LA auto insurance responsibility at all times on the roadways. To meet these requirements, LA auto insurance policies must include bodily injury liability limits of, at least, $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident with $15,000 in property damage liability. But with more than 4 million drivers in the city, these minimum LA auto insurance coverages may not be enough.


LA auto insurance rates are heavily affected by LA’s dense population. Rated as one of the most expensive cities:

  • LA auto insurance premiums average more than $3,000 per year.
  • LA auto insurance policyholders file more than 100,000 theft claims annually.
  • LA auto insurance policyholders add nearly 1.5 million teenagers to their insurance policies each year.
  • There are more than 40,000 accident-related injuries in the City of LA each year with more than 80,000 injuries annually in LA County.
  • The average non-life-threatening emergency visit averages more than $4,000 in LA with serious injuries tripling and quadrupling these averages.
  • LA auto insurance policyholders account for only 82% of LA’s drivers. 18% of LA’s drivers are uninsured.

The statistics go on and on but the considerations remain the same. To protect yourself with LA auto insurance, your LA auto insurance must be more than California’s minimum requirements.

As you build your LA auto insurance policy, be sure to select coverages that provide ample protection.

  • Select liability limits that are higher than state minimums. If you cause a serious accident and carry minimum liability, your LA auto insurance coverage could be depleted on the very day of the accident.
  • Add physical damage coverage to your LA auto insurance policy to protect your vehicle from theft and other damages.
  • If you’re looking to keep your LA auto insurance premiums low, carry higher physical damage deductibles.
  • If you own your vehicle, you can opt to carry comprehensive coverage without collision coverage to keep your LA auto insurance premium low.
  • Always speak with your LA auto insurance carrier or agent for accurate answers to your LA auto insurance policy concerns.

Be sure to look into your available LA auto insurance discounts. Most LA auto insurance carriers offer a host of discounts that help to reduce your overall policy premium. Some of the most common LA auto insurance discounts include:

  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Homeowner’s
  • Accident-Free
  • Good Student
  • Anti-Theft Device

Many LA auto insurance carriers also offer discounts for completing accident prevention and driver improvement courses. Check with your LA auto insurance carrier for details.