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## How to Place Pixels on Your Site 1. Select Manage > Advertiser Accounts from the left hand navigation. 2. Hover over the account you with to configure and click on the "" icon. 3. Notice that the pixel descriptions will match the information you entered in the Conversions tab. 4. Choose the type code snippet (IFRAME or IMAGE). This setting does not have an impact on features available to you, but your website developer may have a preferring method that is more compatible with your website. 5. Choose to allow "Unique" or "Multiple" conversion events per click. Generally, you should use "Unique" unless your site encourages the same user to achieve multiple conversions. 6. If your account has been configured to accept conversion values, there will be additional instructions available that describe how to pass the value associated with each conversion as a parameter in the pixel code. 6. Copy the code snippets and paste into the tag of the pages corresponding with the relevant conversion events. ![](