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Control when your campaigns are active and set hourly bid modifications to ensure your campaign only buys ads when it is profitable. This is also known as “Dayparting.”

For example, if your internal sales data indicates that customers are very unlikely to convert during the middle of the night, you can reduce your bids to 10% of the base bid or even stop buying completely by setting it to 0%. Conversely, during peak sales windows, you can boost your bids to be more competitive in the marketplace.

How to Access Campaign Scheduling

  1. From the left hand menu, select Manage > Advertiser Accounts.
  2. Click on the desired account.
  3. Hover over a campaign and click on the Campaign Settings icon.
  4. In the settings panel, click on the Scheduling tab.

How to Schedule Bids

  1. Select a Time Zone. The “Local” option is based on the user’s time zone.
  2. Select a day from the weekly calendar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose an hour and drag the green bar up or down to increase or decrease the bid multiplier by a certain percentage.
  4. To stop buying completely during a specific hour, drag the green bar to 0% until it turns red.
  5. Click the Submit button to ensure that changes are applied.


Using A Second Schedule

While most campaigns will only have a need for a single schedule, our platform gives you the flexibility to set a secondary schedule, when needed.

Configuring another schedule allows you to set secondary multipliers that work in conjunction with the primary schedule in place. Multiple schedules should be used when hourly multipliers need to be set for both a US continental time zone and the consumer’s local time simultaneously. When multiple schedules are active, they will cross multiply at the time of ad serving to determine the overall hourly multiplier.

How to Set A Second Schedule

  1. Following the same instructions from How to Schedule Bids, access the Scheduling tab in the campaign settings panel.
  2. Set bid multipliers for your first schedule.
  3. After configuring your first schedule, click the green Add Another Schedule button next to the schedule header.
  4. When clicked, a new sub-tab will open for the secondary schedule. Select the Time Zone you wish to set hourly bid multipliers for.
    • Note: the Time Zone options available in the second schedule are determined by what is being used in the primary schedule. If “Local” is selected in your primary schedule, only a U.S. continental time zone can be used in the secondary schedule.
  5. To remove a secondary schedule, click the Remove This Schedule button next to the schedule header.


Bulk Scheduling Operations

If you would like to make changes to multiple days at once, check out the Bulk Operations dropdown where you can select from options like “Reset all days to 100%” or “Copy to Monday.”

Copy To

If you would like to use the same schedule with a different campaign, check out the Copy To dropdown which will give you the option to copy the schedule to all campaigns, a specific campaign or campaigns of the same type.