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The State of Alabama currently requires that all drivers be covered under liability auto insurance and proof of car insurance always be accessible within the vehicle at any moment. Alternatively...

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{state_name} Drivers: There’s something terribly wrong with the auto insurance industry. While insurance companies post RECORD profits, millions of drivers in America are continuing to overpay for their insurance, especially with rising inflation. You...

Auto Insurance 101

When you're shopping for a new policy and comparing multiple insurance carriers, be sure to ask for the following discounts to get the lowest...
Quite simply, driving without liability auto insurance is illegal in almost all states. Penalties for not purchasing insurance vary by state, but often include a...
Ready to apply for auto insurance or find some competing quotes? Get the following information ready to go before filling out your application at sites...
Collision and comprehensive are always talked about together, but do you know what each cover and how they are different? Didn't think so. Read below to find out more. First, the Similarities... Collision and comprehensive coverages are often lumped...

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