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Whenever there are more than one ads attached to an ad group the ad server will automatically rotate traffic to each ad. By default, ads are rotated evenly. Advertisers may also choose to enable optimized ad serving to let the ad server pick the ad with the highest chance of receiving a click for any given search. This is an efficient way to improve CTR without having to manually review and select winning ads. **How to Enable Optimized Ad Serving** 1. From the left hand menu, select Manage > Advertiser Accounts. 2. Click on an account from the list of advertiser accounts. 3. Hover over a campaign and click on the Campaign Settings icon . 4. At the bottom of the General tab find the "Ad Serving" settings. 5. Choose the "Optimize" option and submit. **How to Monitor Ad Performance** 1. From the left hand menu, select Analytics > Advertiser Reports 2. From the "View" dropdown, choose one of the "Ad" reports to group performance by Ad, Ad and Campaign or Ad and Ad Group. 3. Observe the impression counts and CTR for each ad and note that over time Ads with higher CTR will have a greater share of impressions. Note that you can also observe ad performance at the ad group level by clicking on the name of an ad group via the ad groups page for any given campaign. This will expand the row and reveal any attached ads and related performance stats.