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The schedule optimizer uses your conversion data to calculate suggested bid multipliers by time of day and day of week. This tool helps you bid up when customers are more likely to convert and bid down when they are less likely to convert. This feature is only available to advertisers with conversion tracking in place. **How to Access the Schedule Optimizer** 1. From the left hand menu, select Manage > Advertiser Accounts. 2. Click on an account from the list of advertiser accounts. 3. Hover over a campaign and click on the Campaign Settings icon . 4. Click on the Scheduling tab. 5. Locate the "Optimize for..." dropdown. ![]( **How to Use the Schedule Optimizer** 1. Select a conversion type from the "Optimize for..." dropdown. For example, if you want to optimize your bids based on Quote rate, you would select the corresponding conversion type from the dropdown. 2. Notice that the schedule settings automatically change. The green bars represent the suggested configuration. The gray bars represent the current configuration. 3. If you would like to use the suggested schedule, simply submit the changes. Note that you can still make manual changes. 4. If you do not wish to use the suggested schedule, simple cancel and discard your changes.