Learn How You Could Save up to $368 on Your Car Insurance.

June 10, 2020

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There’s something terribly wrong with the auto insurance industry. While insurance companies post RECORD profits, Millions of Americans are continuing to overpay for their insurance. It’s no wonder why this startup is taking off and disrupting the industry by saving people money…For FREE.

We all know that Auto Insurance is required by law if you drive a vehicle. But what most drivers don’t know is that according to a ValuePenguin study Americans are overpaying for their auto insurance to the tune of $37 Billion Per Year - or an average of $368 a year per policy.

The study continues to find that the vast majority of people overpay for their insurance because they are either unaware of the financial upside that comes with comparing insurance companies and their offers - or they find insurance shopping too daunting a task.

If you fall into the latter, you’re not alone. In a NerdWallet survey 88% of drivers said that shopping for car insurance is a frustrating experience because it’s time-consuming.

This gap in user friendliness and blackbox insurance tactics have allowed insurance companies to continue to overcharge the public for decades. However, it also created an opportunity for startups like QuoteLab to fight back for consumers by making insurance companies compete for your business, and providing a quick, simple quote process.

“QuoteLab taps the pricing algorithms of insurance companies allowing you to instantly compare quotes in one place, based on a few key driver details.”

Compare, Compare, Compare & Save.

The number one rule in insurance shopping is comparing rates. It’s generally recommended you compare a minimum of 3 quotes when reviewing offers to weed out the lowest rates best suited for you.

Zip Codes Matter.

Insurance rates can vary up to 154% within a zip code with an average savings of 32% - so entering the correct zip code can be key to saving money on your rates.

How does an extra
in your pocket sound
just for following a
few easy steps?
Compare and Start Saving!
  1. Enter your ZIP code below
  2. Enter your driver details
  3. Compare at least 3 offers
That’s it! Happy comparing and happy savings!