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2011 Auto Insurance Trends

Yes, even the auto insurance industry has trends. If you’ve been wondering what might happen within the industry this year and what you should be expecting then these car insurance trends will help you have the leg up over your friends who probably won’t have any idea whether or not rates will increase or what may be happening for technology aspect of the field. Enough talk, let’s get on with it.

More Uninsured Drivers on the Road

With the economy the way it is today and people losing their jobs left and right for one reason or another, you can definitely expect more uninsured drivers on the road. Many can’t afford insurance when they don’t have a job and they simply allow it to be canceled so they can have more money to put food on the table. This is definitely not the smartest decision so those of you with continued insurance coverage, it’s time to make certain you have uninsured motorist coverage. If you don’t, get it now.

Insurances Rates Will Remain Cutthroat

It’s as simple as that. The rates aren’t going to decrease this year and likely not anytime soon. You can expect one insurance company to be as competitive as the next. Each company is going to fight to get more customers, you can count on that. With that being said, the rates may not necessarily decrease but they likely won’t rise too much either because companies are going to try to keep their policies as low as possible in retain current customers and in the hopes of brings new ones in.

Discounts for Those Who Avoid Collision

With more accidents occurring each day, you can expect more forgiveness if you are NOT an accident-prone driver. If you are a good driver and safe on the road with the ability to demonstrate such, you can expect to grab some great discounts this year.

Mileage Based Auto Insurance

Mileage based or also known as Pay-As-You-Go auto insurance will grow in popularity this year. It’s a great way to give new discounts to drivers and if you don’t drive much then this is a great way to save tons of money per year. If you aren’t already, try taking public transportation to and from work and minimize your insurance policy. Once you see how much you can save by doing this, you’ll be glad you did.

Mobile Meets Car Insurance

Yes, some insurance companies already have mobile apps but with the popularity of such soaring, you can expect more auto insurance companies to come forward and start developing and making apps available to customers. Current customers can file claims and pay your bills this way and some will even allow you to purchase insurance as a new customer via an iPhone or other smartphone app.