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Am I Covered Out-of-State?

So, you and your spouse decided to go out of town for a bit. Get a breath of fresh air outside of your city limits, check out new scenery and just overall get as far away from the house and work as possible. You have too many problems and you just need to escape for a little bit to relax and forget all your worries while spending time with your significant other. However, there is one thing that you did not think of. What if we aren’t covered traveling out of state? One good thing about this is that the answer is actually a lot easier than you may think. In fact, most standard auto insurance policies cover you if you travel outside of your residing state without the need of purchasing additional coverage.

Here are some things to be aware of:

  • If you travel to a state that currently has higher require minimum insurance limits than your state and that you currently carry then as soon as you cross the state line, your insurance policy should adjust to meet that state’s insurance restrictions.
  • If you were to travel into a state where it is required that liability insurance be purchased then your insurance policy will simply adjust to the state’s laws.
  • In other words, no matter where you travel outside of your original state of residence where you currently have your car insurance policy, your policy will simply and automatically adjust to meet the laws of the particular state that you are driving through or within.
  • If you were to travel from a no-fault state, such as the state of Colorado or Florida, into a state that currently does not make the type of coverage mandatory to its citizens then your policy will simply adjust to meet the insurance laws and mandatory coverage in that state.

It is quite the easy fix as there is no need to call your agent and add any type of new coverage so that you can travel out of state. Just get in your car and go! However, it is always recommended that you speak to your personal insurance agent to make sure as not all policies and companies will cover you if you travel outside of the state in which you policy holds true to.