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Are You a Low Risk Driver?

With road rage being a problem on the highway and this issue increasing, it’s no wonder that insurance companies have to assess each and every driver that applies for insurance through their company. Allowing your temper to prevail is all too common in today’s day and age and with prices of merchandise, gas as well as insurance premiums, you need to do all you can to ensure that your auto insurance premium is as low as possible.

The best way to have a low auto insurance rate is to be a low risk driver. As previously mentioned, when you request a quote for car insurance, the company assesses you as a driver and what your risk to their company would be if they were to insure you. The higher risk you are to an insurance company, the more expensive your insurance premium is going to be and vice versa. What it all boils down to you is that you want to be but are you a low risk driver?

  • Do you have a good, safe driving record? If you have been able to previously maintain and a safe driving record, which means you haven’t violated the law such as traffic violations and you haven’t been deemed at fault for an accident, then you are considered a low risk driver by insurance companies. However, having a clean driving record doesn’t mean you’ll get the lowest rates…other factors are considered.
  • Are you female? While many consider this to be a bit sexist, insurance companies do classify men and women in different risk classes. According to insurance companies, men, especially younger men, are deemed at a greater risk on the road and thus receive higher insurance premiums than women, who are classified as low risk drivers.
  • Do you live in a rural area? As opposed to those living in urban areas, those that live in a rural area will receive a lower insurance rate and are considered low risk drivers. The reason for this is obvious. There is less traffic in rural areas resulting in less traffic accidents as well as traffic violations.
  • Do You Work at or Close to Home? If so, you are likely to be considered a low risk driver. If you aren’t commuting a significant distance to work then you are less likely to be involved in an accident since you won’t be traveling at peak business hours and throughout rush hour. Plus, you may qualify for a low mileage discount on your auto insurance premium allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Are You Married with Children? As a husband or wife with children, you are deemed more responsible by the insurance companies. With children in the vehicle, insurance companies believe that the driver will not only drive safer but also pay more attention to their surroundings.

If you answered yes to all of the five above questions then more than likely your insurance company believes you are a low risk driver. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier and see what other factors they take into consideration to determine your eligibility as a low risk driver to see if you can make any improvements or changes in your lifestyle.