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Which Professions Get The Best Auto Insurance Discounts?

The best auto insurance discounts are the ones you receive just for maintaining your daily routine. This makes your auto policy’s occupational discounts near equivalents to free cash. While not every job qualifies for low insurance rates, many occupations do generate lower insurance rates while other occupations qualify for discounts.

Jobs for Lower Rates

In the auto insurance world, there is a clear difference between rates and discounts. While the rate provides the basis of the insurance premium, the discount reduces the base premium based on qualifications. This means that you can have a low base rate that’s reduced even further with discounts. And, if you have a higher rated occupation, you have the potential of reducing the premium with discounts.

Low Risk Occupations

Low risk occupations consistently place policyholders in relatively safe driving situations. Some low-risk policyholders spend less time driving their vehicles and drive less miles annually, resulting in fewer opportunities for accidents and vehicle damage. Some of the lowest risk occupations include work-at-home professions, artists and professional dog walkers.

Driving regularly does not disqualify you from low-risk auto insurance rates. Insurance companies recognize that an occupation’s meticulousness demands can transfer over to the policyholder’s driving activity. Occupations such as pilots, scientists, mathematicians and curators often capture low-risk auto insurance rates because of the careful nature required for such positions.

High Risk Occupations

High risk occupations are not limited to jobs that require extensive driving. Jobs that generate high stress levels are also considered high risk positions, including stockbrokers, physicians, attorneys and executives. Higher levels of daily stress can transfer to inattentiveness on the road, resulting in unpredictability and increased driving risk.


Qualifying occupational discounts are defined based on affiliations rather than the occupation’s risk level. Therefore, high risk jobs and low risk jobs, alike, can qualify for discounted insurance rates based on qualifying discounts. Many corporations, and other businesses, memberships and universities, have affiliate relationships with insurance companies. These affiliations often result in noticeable occupational discounts that range from 5% to 20%, depending on the carrier. While any applicable low occupational rates are automatically applied to the auto insurance policy, occupational discounts are not automatically applied in most cases. If you believe you may qualify for an affiliate discount, contact your agent or carrier for details.