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Best Home Insurance Companies: 2021 Guide

best home insurance companies guide

According to statistics, there are roughly 2,496 property insurance companies in the USA. 

With so many options to choose from, picking the best carrier for your needs can feel overwhelming. However, choosing the right insurance provider is critical.

If you don't, you may find yourself overpaying for coverage. As well as being subjected to unhelpful service, and struggling through painful claims processes. 

The best home insurance companies are the ones that combine affordability with service, comprehensive coverage, and streamlined claims processes. 

Ready to learn which home insurance companies offer standout service, coverage, and value for money? Read on to find the best home insurance for your needs. 


Allstate offers simple and straightforward policies. Where Allstate stands out is how they assist policyholders to pinpoint the right coverage solutions for their needs. 

Through its online resources and tools, Allstate helps you determine what is the most common (and costly) claims in your area. This helps homeowners navigate the coverage buying process and take out the insurance they need the most. 

When it comes time to make a claim, Allstate shines with its strong focus on customer service.

What's more, Allstate also has some of the lowest rates. Are you are shopping for cheap home insurance combined with strong customer service? If so, Allstate may be one of the best home insurance companies to pick.

Country Financial

Country Financial is another strong option among USA's best home insurance companies.

According to a recent study by JD Power, Country Financial ranks as the number one out of all home insurance companies in the US. The study also revealed Country Financial scored particularly well for customer relationship-related factors

Another potential pro is Country Financial offers a range of coverage types, not just home insurance. They also provide additional financial services, which means you can address a number of your needs all in one place. 

However, Country Financial only serves a limited number of states in the US. At present, it is also lacking slightly on the tech side of things, as it doesn't yet have a mobile app for its home insurance services. 


Travelers is another attractive option to look into when comparing home insurance companies. 

They offer a variety of unique policy management features and have agents in all 50 states. 

While they already offer cheap home insurance, they also have a variety of discounts that can help you save additional dollars each month. For instance, is your home certified by the Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization? If so, you can get up to 5% off your premiums. 

Besides this, Travelers also offers a discount on homes purchased within 12 months of taking out a policy. 

Another unique aspect of travelers' coverage is you can manage it via your home hub. If you take out one of their policies, you can also opt to receive on-demand home maintenance advice from Alexa.


Nationwide makes it onto this home insurance guide for various reasons. They are one of the home insurance companies that offer additional coverages beyond standard homeowners policies. Their exclusive Better Roof Replacement and Brand New Belongings coverage options are two examples. 

Nationwide also offers a variety of discounts, including a multi-line discount. 

However, one of their biggest pros is the home renovation credit they offer. If you update your plumbing, electrical, heating, or cooling systems, you will receive a discount on your premiums. 

Lastly, Nationwide makes managing your policy easy through their website and online services. 


Lemonade secures a solid place as one of the US's best home insurance companies. This is thanks to the company's innovation and lighting-fast claims process.

Lemonade is one of the newest carriers in this home insurance guide. However, they are fast proving themselves popular, especially with younger policyholders and renters. According to the previous study we mentioned by JD Power, Lemonade ranked the highest out of all carriers in the rental category. 

Lemonade is entirely based online and does not have physical agencies. However, through their app and the use of AI, Lemonade gives its policyholders outstanding customer service. Service representatives are also available online and over the phone. 

Thanks to their innovative structure, Lemonade is able to offer customers some of the best home insurance rates around. Their rates begin at the low price of $25 dollars p/m.

Policyholders also report that the Lemonade app is fun, easy to use, and highly convenient. Claims can be lodged 24/7 and may be paid out within minutes. 

Last but not least, Lemonade is a public benefit corporation. As such, they are by law allowed to place their customers’ needs over the desires of their shareholders.


MetLife is another carrier that offers exceptionally cheap home insurance for the value they provide. 

They extend highly customizable policies, which makes it easy for you to create a policy that suits your unique needs. Identity theft coverage comes standard in all of their coverage.

Policyholders can also be eligible for a variety of discounts. If you are buying coverage offered through an employer group, you may be able to unlock discounts of 40% or more. 

MetLife also offers a 24/7 claims service.


If you are a military member or veteran, one of the best home insurance companies to look into is USAA. They only offer coverage to military families. However, their premiums are far below all other home insurance companies on the market.

Besides home insurance, they also offer health, auto, and related policies. 

Additionally, USAA is focused on assisting military members transition into and out of the military. They offer coverage for military uniforms and extend discounts for things like installing a security system or being claims-free for 5 years. 

USAA is also one of the home insurance companies that consistently ranks well in terms of customer services. 

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When shopping for the best insurance option, it's important to get an overview of the top carriers and how they compare. However, to make an informed decision you also need to directly compare home insurance policies against each other.

Now that you know who the best home insurance companies are, it's time to stack up specific coverage options against each other. 

Continue your search for the perfect coverage and compare home insurance quotes with our easy-to-use tool.