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Protect The Things That Matter To You With Car Insurance

It seems odd, but when one thinks about it, the car one drives is close to being a member of the family. It's there to take people where they need to go, acts as a storage space as needed, and without it, a lot of people would be unable to visit friends or family. That doesn't even include getting to and from work.

The International Business Tribune recently covered a survey about how motorists feel about their cars, and the results really aren't surprising. Most people don't have a back-up plan if their car is in a wreck or needs a trip to the repair shop over the long term. That's six out of every ten people who don't have a plan in place. Guess how many people don't have car insurance?

The Numbers on Car Insurance Usage

Between one in ten and three in ten Americans don't have car insurance coverage at all, with numbers higher in states like California and New York and Florida, but lower in regions like New England. The problem for a number of drivers is that they may also be underinsured.

That is, more than just uninsured drivers, underinsured drivers may not have enough coverage to repair their vehicle if it's involved in a car accident, or simply needs to be tuned up after a few years on the road. “Out of sight, out of mind,” in this case could have disastrous results for those who don't now what their car insurance policy covers.

What Rental Car Coverage Could Offer You

You may use your car to take your children to school and extracurricular activities. It may be used to get to and from work, or to transport older loved ones to and from adult day care. There are a dozen different trips you might take each month, and all of them rely on your car.

Car insurance coverage often includes rental car coverage, up to a nominal cost per day. Consider how long you could do without your vehicle, and then take another look at your car insurance coverage options. You may find that it adds little cost and a healthy dose of peace of mind.

We've become increasingly reliant on transportation, and an updated car insurance quote could help you from wondering “What happens now?” when the unexpected takes place.