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How To Find Cheap Car Insurance

In a perfect world, cheap car insurance would be easy to find and easy to keep. However, finding and keeping cheap car insurance in the real world isn’t so easy. A few tickets and an accident, or two, can quickly make cheap car insurance a challenge to find and not worth getting. Even if you’re the perfect driver, you may see your cheap car insurance creep into the pricey category with each renewal. As you seek to find and keep a cheap car insurance policy, consider how certain factors impact your cheap car insurance options.

Driving History

Cheap car insurance always begins with a clean driving history. Drivers who haven’t had a ticket or an accident in at least three years are much more likely to find cheap car insurance than those with multiple tickets and accidents. While you can’t avoid every violation or accident, implementing safe driving habits are great ways to achieve and maintain cheap car insurance.

Vehicle Selection

If you’re really looking for cheap car insurance, look at the type of car you have. High performance vehicles are high-risk vehicles that can easily make your cheap car insurance not-so-cheap. If you’re the perfect driver with no driving history, your high performance vehicle may not impact your cheap car insurance rate. However, if you’re the not-so-perfect driver or a young driver, you may want to ditch the high performance vehicle for a modest sedan, if cheap car insurance is your first priority.


Insurance coverages always impact cheap car insurance rates. However, it is a common misconception that cheap car insurance always means minimum insurance coverages. Before you simply select the minimum coverage options in your quest for cheap car insurance, obtain quotes on slightly higher coverages to compare the rates. Cheap car insurance rates are sometimes cheaper when you choose higher coverages. The selection of higher coverages reduces the insurance carrier’s risk which, at times, reduces the cheap car insurance rate.


Discounts can be the key to making a cheap car insurance policy an even cheaper car insurance reality. Depending on the carrier, discounts can reduce cheap car insurance premiums by an additional 5 to 30%. These cheap car insurance discounts range from good driver and good student discounts to association and renewal discounts.

Shop Around

Shop around for cheap car insurance regularly to ensure that you are, in fact, getting a cheap car insurance rate. Always compare your current insurance policy to your cheap car insurance quote to determine if you are receiving the same, or better, coverage at a better rate. Speak with your current insurance carrier or agent before changing to the new, cheap car insurance company, as your current carrier may be able to provide you with an even better, cheap car insurance policy.