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Most Expensive Cars to Insure

While there are a number of factors that take part in the price of your auto insurance such as your location, age, credit score, gender and your driving record, one of the most crucial factors that affect your auto insurance premiums is the type of vehicle that you drive. One reason for this is because some cars cost more expensive when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Another reason is because some cars are targeted more often by car thieves.

While the obvious cars that are most expensive vehicle makes to insure are Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin among other expensive cars coming in at over or around $3,000 yearly, we are going to focus more on vehicles that are for the average, modern-day family and individuals – in other words, not millionaires.

Honda S2000

With a price tag of around $35,000, this car is not for an average family as it is a roadster with just two seats and a four-cylinder engine. It may be a small car but it has the speed to take you anywhere you want to go with 237 horsepower and 162 pounds of torque. However, it’s going to cost you in insurance premiums at about $1,500 on average.

Ford F-150 FX4

Known as one of the best selling vehicles across the country with some of the best pulling torque, the Ford truck also costs about $1,500 on an annual basis to insure and costs up to $50,000 to purchase.

Dodge Ram 1500

Among one of the popular pickup trucks to purchase, the Dodge Ram 1500 doesn’t hold back when it comes to proving its point on the road and it sure doesn’t when it comes to auto insurance. Premiums run a little less than $1,500 yearly.

Scion TC

A very popular car among youngsters, this vehicle makes the list of most expensive cars to insure because of that. The driver, usually under 25 years of age, is what makes this vehicle so expensive in auto insurance premiums. The Scion TC will also cost you around $1,500 per year for insurance.

Nissan Altima

A very popular four-door classy car by Nissan, the Altima is a gorgeous car. This vehicle is among the top selling vehicles in the country but also costs just shy of $1,400 on average for auto insurance premiums on a yearly basis.

As you can see, the most expensive vehicles to insure are very diverse – that is, when you take out the BMW, Mercedes, etc. We have a mini sports car, trucks, as well as classy four-door sedans. Regardless of your choice, these vehicles are going to cost at least around $1,400 on average to insure on a yearly basis. Shop smart and choose wisely.