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New Legislation Will Affect Texas Car Insurance Quotes for DUI Defendants

Driving under the influence in Texas incurs one of the costliest list of penalties of any state in the U.S. Court fees, jail time and post-conviction penalties in the thousands of dollars are all more extensive than nearly any other state, and this tends to impact the car insurance quotes of convicted DUI offenders in Texas. A new law being considered in the state house in Austin could make it even more expensive to engage in this dangerous activity.

What could change for Texas car insurance coverage for DUI offenders

Personal injury protection limits in car insurance help pay for the medical costs and lost wages of anyone involved in an accident with an insured car. In general these rates are usually set at the state minimum, but in Texas, state Representative Sid Miller wants DUI offenders to have to pay for coverage that is $25,000 higher per accident. He argues that drivers who have been convicted of a DUI represent drivers who have already demonstrated that they engage in risky behavior.

Expect this difference in coverage to cost Texas drivers hundreds more over the lifetime of their policy, and increase the overall cost of DUIs in the state which can already reach more than $10,000 with multiple offenses.

Florida is one state with similar penalties

Florida has extensive rules on insured drivers in the state, and perhaps the ones that cost drivers the most are those regarding personal injury and accident limits. For example, all Florida drivers with insurance must have at least $10,000 in personal injury coverage for themselves and other occupants in case of a crash. For property damage, it's the same thing. Florida car insurance requirements for those convicted of a DUI increase the personal injury coverage 10 times to $100,000 and 30 times for property damage limits.

Key Takeaways for Car Insurance Shoppers

Drinking and driving is a dangerous event no matter how safe you think you may be. Risking your own safety as well as others is never worth it. However, for those considering car insurance options in Florida and Texas, it's clear that one mistake, even if it's just over the limit, can cost you hundreds of dollars for years down the road. Along with potential harm to friends and loved ones, it's a cost that nearly 100,000 Texas drivers face each year.