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When Am I Not Covered?

While many believe that just having insurance means that no matter what happens, they are covered; however, the fact of the matter is that is simply nowhere near the truth. There are many circumstances that you may find yourself in where you will not be covered should an accident or damage occur. It is important to know these instances so that you can prevent from ever being involved in situations in which your auto insurance would not cover an accident or any damage resulting from an accident.


One of the most popular situations that drivers – especially younger boys – find themselves in is racing. It doesn’t matter whether you are practicing racing your car with no other cars involved or if you are actually racing another car, if something happens, you are not covered for liability. Even if you aren’t necessarily street racing but are simply trying to out-drive another vehicle in terms of speed, if an accident were to occur as a result, your auto insurance would not cover anything.

Vehicles Not on Your Policy

If you drive a vehicle daily that is not listed on your auto insurance policy then you are not covered on the road. Unless a vehicle is specifically stated on your auto insurance policy, it is simply not covered under your policy. Therefore, if you are a driving your sister’s vehicle every day and you are not listed on her policy then in the result of an accident or collision, the auto insurance company will not pay for the expenses endured.

Vehicles with Fewer than Four Wheels

When I say vehicles with less than four wheels, I’m talking about three-wheelers, golf carts and the sort. In other words, this section covers any vehicle that is not made for public road use as these are usually not covered by your auto insurance company and are typically covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Commercial and Public Use Vehicles

Unless you have a commercial auto insurance policy, any vehicle that you use for business use and purposes is not covered under a standard auto insurance policy. In addition, if you are using your vehicle to transport individuals to and from locations or distributing products for some type of profit then your auto insurance will not cover it. In fact, a commercial auto insurance policy is required by most insurance companies for such vehicles and their use including but not limited to church vehicles, taxi cabs, limos, etc.

Every auto insurance policy and every auto insurance company is completely different with their own set of rules. It is recommended to contact your insurance company or independent agent to discuss what is and is not covered under your current auto insurance policy so that you can make necessary changes if needed.