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We will occasionally receive requests to refrain from selling a user’s information or to delete any data we have about them, in accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or other applicable laws. We have chosen to take a broad view of consumer rights in this regard. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a user request via the CCPA tool in the platform. **Note: This tool is for internal use only at this time.** 1. From the navigation menu, click Manage > CCPA. 2. Once on the CCPA tool page, click “New” in the top right corner. 3. You will then be prompted to provide the necessary information for the following fields: * **Source**: form, email or call. Form is for inputs directly into our public form, and thus shouldn't be used manually. * **Type**: “Delete My Data” and “Do Not Sell My Data” are the only options most users will need at this time. The “What Data…” options are not operable at this time, but you can still put in the request if applicable, the compliance team will handle. * **Email**: Must be included so we can provide confirmation to the user. * **Phone Number**: include whenever available. * **Notes**: the notes field should include where the request came from (e.g., forwarded by ). 4. Click “Submit”. 5. After submitting, the page will refresh with an updated list of requests. 6. If the request comes from a partner, click “Execute” on the request and notify the partner it’s complete. 7. If the request comes from a customer directly, DO NOT click “Execute”. In these instances, the compliance team will process the request and send a confirmation to the requester. 8. We are in the process of automating notifications to advertisers (if subject data has been transferred to them in the preceding 12 months) and users, and will update this page when done. If you have any questions or need assistance with a request, you can contact: * Lance * Serge * Jessie (Travel only) * Anthony (Travel only) ![]( ![](